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Organizational Culture

With the objective of providing a service of excellency, OCUPA Group, its human capital, and its business units, are guided by the following reference framework that provides clear and precise components on objectives and values, which answer our reason to be: Who we are, What we do, and Where we are going to.

Our Mission

We are committed to customer satisfaction as well as protection of the environment, consolidated as a profitable, highly productive and innovative port group that results in common benefits through employee development.

Our Vision

Our vision is as a consolidated and leading national group, with global presence and diversified on logistics, transportation, and foreign trade integral services, comprised by experts with ethical guidelines, that contribute to business continuity and growth, in benefit of our customers, collaborators, shareholders, and the community.



We act with integrity, congruence, and openness.


We share our talent and we are open to contribution of others in order to complement ourselves and reach common goals.


We work with efficiency and effectiveness in order to reach our goals, innovate, and contribute to the company’s profitability.


We love what we do, we are responsible, and we give our best for the benefit of our customers.


Our communication is straight, respectful, and constructive in order to build solid and ethical interpersonal relationships.

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