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Frequently Asked Questions


Request a quotation

Containers, Loose and Project cargo, please send your e-mail to Aurora Morales with a copy to J. Alvinez

Ocean Freight
Karina Laguna

Schedule revalidations

Ruben Caballero
Ph.: 01 314 (33) 12612

Web site related problems

Help desk e-mail:
Ph. 01 314 (33) 12612

Link for revalidation

How are invoices delivered to me?

Our billing department send them to the e-mail contact indicated by the customer.

Questions or clarifications dial 01 314 (33) 12 600 at Billing Department.

What shipping lines do we work with?


What are the fares?

Download fares here.

Contact for maneuvering quotes

OCUPA Phone Numbers 3312600

BA. Ana Lilia Gonzalez

Loose and project cargo
BA. Esther Alejandra Hernandez

Add copy to Business Manager BA. Bernardo Michel

Whom is storing checked with?

Paola Cosio
Elmer Couoh

Whom may locks be checked with?

Cash Office.
Ph. 01 314 (33) 12 600

Suppliers, what e-mail address are invoices sent to?, Invoices charged to OCUPA., Invoices charged to Port Technicians.

Whom can I check services schedules on the web with, as well as general modifications and details?

Website Support Department.
Ph. 01 314 (33) 12 600

What is the procedure to request a discount on warehousing?

Send an e-mail with the following information on a letterhead paper:
a. Reason for your request.
b. Detail of containers or, where appropriate, weight and BL House of the load.
c. Vessel/ ETA.
d. Customs agent.
e. Send to, with copy to and

Shipping lines we work with


What is the certification for container weighing that complies to the SOLAS Convention (VGM)?

Verification of instrument (PROFECO hologram): U20160310086847

Type of services offered at PIVM (Inspection and Verification Point of Manzanillo)?

Phytosanitary and zoosanitary inspection services as external verification checkpoint authorized by SAGARPA.

Services timetable

Empty container yard 24/7
Freight services Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:30 hours. After this time, services may be carried out with previous scheduling and with the applicable corresponding charges for overtime service.

What does procedure or folio 200 refer to?

Procedure or folio 200 is the documentary review of the goods that will be exported or imported, either phytosanitary or zoosanitary; this procedure must be carried out by the customs agency and this review is conducted to check if the goods fulfill SAGARPA requirements in order to enter or exit the country.

What does procedure or folio 500 refer to?

Procedure or folio 500 is the physical review of the goods that will be exported or imported, either phytozanitary or zoosanitary; for this procedure, the customs agency has to send a legal representative (agent) in order to review, along with SAGARPA, that what is declared in the documents of folio 200 physically complies with its corresponding folio 500.

How to take goods out of customs to be checked at an external checkpoint without the SAGARPA certificate?

In order to take goods out of the port without CUSTOMS withholding them, the payed declaration must indicate the folio 500 number; whit this, CUSTOMS will know that the goods are heading to an external checkpoint, where the certificate will be issued.

Features to be considered for the SAGARPA approval and certification

• Merchandise labeling.
• Merchandise with information in Spanish on expiration date, lot, and ingredients.
• There should be no discrepancy between the physical merchandise and what is stated in documents.
• Merchandise should be in optimum conditions for consumption.

What happens if SAGARPA does not approve the physical checkup of goods, and therefor does not certify it?

The importer has the following options:

• Return of merchandise to its country of origin or to another country in which the conditions of such goods are accepted.
• Destruction of goods, for which the client has to carry a procedure with SAGARPA so a landfill is appointed to proceed with the DESTRUCTION.

How to register a customer?

By sending an e-mail to the following address:

How to modify maneuvers, liberations, and transfers?

If unauthorized, they may be modified from the Website; once authorized, modification must be requested through an e-mail sent to customer service.

How to download an EIR?

It may be downloaded from the website on the option DEPARTURES—CONTAINER DEPARTURES

How to download invoices?

Through the website on the option REPORTS—ACCOUNT STATEMENT

How to validate R1?

Accessing to your liberation folio from the website on the option EDIT and add the R1 on PDF format on the option DECLARATION. Type in the R1 number and validate.

How to schedule an appointment?

Accessing to your liberation request on the option ITEMIZE and select the MANAGE AN APPOINTMENT option on the upper right part.

How to obtain the departure ID?

It may be obtained from the website on SERVICES or DEPARTURES of loose cargo on the upper right part option Departure ID Consultation.

How to obtain the invoices?

From the website on the option REPORTS – ACCOUNT STATEMENT.

What is the time of transit for the different routes in Mexico?

Mexico 17 hrs.
Queretaro 15 hrs.
Monterrey 22 hrs.
Guadalajara 6 hrs.
Guanajuato 10 hrs.

Where are the facilities of TM (yard) located?

Carretera Manzanillo-Minatitlán km 2.5 Colonia Tapeixtles.
Alman Facilities.

What is TM’s current infrastructure?

- Yard for container safeguard and maneuvers.
- 5,000 m2 for cross-dock and safeguard of goods.

Do you drive to every destination in Mexico?

Yes, every destination with limitation of roads that do not allow trailer trucks transit (full or single modality).

What are the contacts to achieve a business synergy with TM?

Israel Rodriguez/Commercial
Alethia Gomez/Commercial
Ph. 33 3 16 80

Do the units have GPS?

Yes, they have GPS and constant tracking 24/7, 365 days a year.

NOTE: In order to offer a better service please always copy messages to the following addresses:

Available positions

You may check openings in our FB site and in different media (Radio, Aquí entre nos magazine, OCC MUNDIAL, etc.)

Are there growth opportunities?

Yes, when there is an opening, we prioritize internal employees.

How much do you pay?

Being confidential information and that depends on each required profile, it is set out during the interview.

Is experience needed?

It depends on each of the required profiles.

What are the working schedules?

Depends on each required profile. We have schedules for administrative offices and mixed schedules on operating areas.

Where do I send my résumé to?

To the following e-mail addresses:

Are there any openings for my profile?

You should send your résumé so we may analyze it and check if we have an opening that matches your profile.

Phone customer service:

01 (314) 33 11 700 / 01 (314) 33 11 724