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Ocupa Group® online platform use terms and conditions ®

The present site or web site (web), has been designed by and is the property of OCUPA® HOLDING, S.A. de C.V. (the licensee) as means of promoting and scheduling services through its platform, Grupo Ocupa, which is Ocupa Holding, S.A. De C.V. ® Almacenajes Y Maniobras®, S.A. De C.V., Frigorífico De Manzanillo®, S.A. De C.V., Operadora De La Cuenca Del Pacífico®, S.A. De C.V., Transportes Manzanillo®, S.A. De C.V., Machinery And Leasing®, S.A. De C.V., Integradora De Administración Logística®, S.A. De C.V., Técnicos Portuarios, S.C., Técnicos En Operación Y Mantenimiento Portuario, S.A. De C.V., Soluciones Especializadas en Administración Integral, S.A. De C.V. and Fundación Ocupa® AC, hereby gives notice that the action of browsing, accessing or otherwise activating or using part of the site or its links, implies knowledge and approval by the user about the terms and conditions established in the present document, under presumption that, as a user, he/she has read and understood its moral, legal, and electronic communication implications.

• User refers to anyone who access the web, either directly or by links, voluntarily or automatically.
• Access to this web site constitutes user consent to use its services and contents, without violating current legislation, good faith, customs and good practices, public morals and order.
• The user undertakes the adequate use of the applications needed for the contents of the web site, understanding that lack of proper hardware or software may diminish, limit, or totally restrain the capacity of use of this web site, for reasons beyond the owner`s control.
• The owner reserves the right to modify the present terms of use at any moment without previous notice, and under no obligation of further notice, even though it involves technical incapacity to access the services in this web site.
• Use of this site or any of its components, involves explicit consent of these “Terms and Conditions” and their Privacy Policy.

• The owner reserves the right to use forms and/or databases considered convenient to its objectives and may as well modify such forms without prior notice.
• Any content offered by the owner constitutes a service to its users; such contents may be used for information purposes and/or for scheduling services, or otherwise required by authorities. The owner does not accept any liability for mistakes or omissions that such content may have; furthermore, does not guarantee, in any manner, the contents of the site.

• Any information or comment sent to Grupo OCUPA® related to their web site, will be considered non-confidential information y may be used as such without any restrictions for any purpose.
• Grupo OCUPA® does not approve nor support any kind of information, comment or opinion issued by the user or any person through this website; hence, in the case that any person expresses its opinion or comments or provides counseling or information on any political, social, economic, business or investment issue or slanders anyone through this site and causes liquidated damages to Grupo OCUPA®, OCUPA reserves the right to take appropriate legal action and to file a claim for those liquidated damages.
• In the extent that the web site allows the user, in any manner, the possibility to generate own information or from third parties, either by a directed link or any other technical possibility, present or future, it will hereinafter be considered “Contribution”; hence the user is informed by this act that in such event he/she undertakes not to send or broadcast any content that:
• Induces or invites to act illegally or that constitutes in itself a violation to current legislation and order.
• Incites people who access it to get involved or participate in dangerous, risky or illegal activities.
• Violate legal regulations and/or contravene rights and freedoms of other people.

• Do not damage, disable or deteriorate information systems, nor the incorporated and/or saved contents.
• Do not modify Grupo Ocupa® systems in any manner.
• Do not use versions of modified systems in order to gain unauthorized access to any of the site’s information system, content and/or services.
• Do not interfere nor interrupt access, functionality and use of the site, servers, or networks connected to it, nor violate the requirements, procedures and regulations on the network connection policy.
• Programming and queries placed through Grupo Ocupa® platform will be carried out in compliance with the corresponding legal framework, electronically, in the parts of the procedure that normativity and/or specific characteristics of the procedure allow it, and under responsibility of each Agency or Entity as the case may be.
• Users assume any responsibility resulting on the inappropriate use of the platform.
• Procedures, services, transactions, or movements that take place after six o’clock in the evening or during non-working days, will be considered as placed on the next working day.

Responsibility is extended to the use by the user or third parties, of passwords or similar appointed for the access to Grupo OCUPA® web site, or any of its services.

Notwithstanding the above, Grupo OCUPA® reserves the right to deny access to the web site at any moment and with no need of previous notice to users that violate the terms of use or in particular case of the application.

Our policy is to protect and respect the privacy of the users of our web site, which are defined in our privacy notice.

Grupo OCUPA® reserves the right to terminate, cease, or interrupt delivery of service of its web site or its services.

Grupo OCUPA® does not bear responsibility, nor grants any guarantee that may be caused by the following situations:
Lack of responsibility, maintenance, and proper functioning of the web site, the services offered or the displayed contents.

At Grupo Ocupa®, we do our best to prove and test every stage of the platform production: however, we take no responsibility for any failure to fulfill this terms and conditions when such non-compliance results from circumstances beyond our control, an act of God of force majeure.
Grupo OCUPA® does not take responsibility, nor grants any guarantee that may be caused by the following situations:
Lack of availability, maintenance, and proper functioning of the web site, the services offered or displayed contents.
Lack of adaptation, usefulness, or validity of the web site, its services, or the displayed contents in order to fit expectations proper to the users.
Users broadcasting, dissemination, collection, storage, or reception of contents.
Non-compliance by third parties in relation to commitments and obligations of services delivered to users through the web site.

Information on the platform is the property of Ocupa® Holding S.A. de C.V. and it holds reserved rights in compliance to regulations related to copyrights and industrial property. The user undertakes to respect and to safeguard such rights under the terms of the applicable law, reason why, in order to use it, you should obtain proper authorization directly from owner of rights; partial or total reproduction of its content is expressly prohibited.

Every situation related to the scope and interpretation of the Terms of Use displayed on the web site, may be subjected to current legislation and jurisdiction of competent courts in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, reason why by this act Grupo OCUPA® and the user of the web site waive to any other jurisdiction that they may have by reason of their present or future address or that correspond to them by any other cause.

If the user of the web site uses the site from anywhere outside Mexico, he will be totally responsible for complying to local laws of the country he is at, as well as to comply to International Treaties that regulate international property, the WIPO, and other applicable international legislation, related to the use and content thereof.

These terms and conditions may change at any time; that is why we ask you to check our site constantly.